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Fruit Drying Room


The fruit drying room is a fruit drying machine, and its shape is the same as that of a room. The interior of the drying room is mainly composed of carts and baking pans. At the same time, the external heat source equipment blows hot air into the drying room through the fan. The fruit drying inside the drying room is a static drying process. The fruit is laid flat on the baking tray and won't turn over. The purpose of this is to prevent the peel of the fruit from cracking during turning.

fruit drying room

Product advantages of fruit drying room

There are a wide range of dried fruits. Such a drying room can dry a variety of fruits at different temperatures

It is suitable for medium and large users, and can be designed as a drying room for drying thousands of Jin or tens of thousands of Jin in a batch

It is simple and easy to install, and the drying room has a simple structure, which is easy to install for users

fruit drying room

What do we do

Nanchong pioneer technology is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment for fruits, vegetables, medicinal materials, etc., which can provide different drying schemes for different product materials. At the same time, it can be produced and provided to customers. Founded in 2002, the company has experienced 20 years of history. At present, it has drying experience in a variety of materials and mature technology research and development capabilities.

Shouchuang Technology

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Our customers


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