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Herbs Drying Machine


The Herbs Drying Machine adopts clean and powerful hot air to quickly dry Chinese medicinal materials, which simulates the principle of natural air drying. The drying time is short, and the efficiency is much higher than that of natural air drying, which greatly reduces the drying labor intensity and labor cost. After drying, the natural color is good, and the natural drug properties remain good. This machine can dry rhizomes, leaves, fruits and flowers of Chinese herbal medicine. Various models meet different investment needs.

Herbs Drying Machine

Main features of herbal medicine dryer:

a. Compact structure, convenient operation, reliable use, easy disassembly. It is easy to install. It can be installed and used as long as there is shelter from wind and rain.

b. Clean and powerful hot air can quickly dry herbs, which simulates the principle of natural air drying. After drying, the natural color is good.

c. High efficiency, the drying efficiency is several times higher than that of drying rooms and ovens with various heat sources, the drying time is greatly shortened, and the labor cost is reduced.

d. The equipment has a large amount of disposable materials, small investment, good insulation performance of the equipment itself, and extremely low energy consumption.

Structure diagram of mesh belt conveyor

Nanchong Shouchuang technology is a professional manufacturer of drying equipment, which provides different drying solutions for different products, and carries out production, installation and commissioning. Over the years, it has solved the problems of the collection and storage of agricultural products and herbal medicines for the majority of users.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology

Production and installation site

Production and installation site


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