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The mesh belt dryer is a continuous production drying equipment. The drying method is hot air. The main heating methods are electric heating, steam heating and hot air heating. Its main working principle is to evenly distribute materials in the network. Through the operation of the machine, the material moves in the dryer, and the hot air extracts the water vapor of the material. So as to achieve the purpose of drying. The operating temperature is 40-120 ℃. The drying cycle is 1-5 hours. It is mainly used for agricultural and sideline products such as fruits and vegetables, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. The equipment is easy to operate, time saving, healthy drying process and environmental protection.

Working Principle

The mesh belt type through flow dryer uses the hot air produced by the hot air stove / electric heating pipe as the drying medium, and transmits the hot air to the dryer through the hot air distribution parts to dry the materials. The processed materials are transported by the multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt, and the hot air flows through the mesh belt and the material layer on it from the bottom to the top, with multi-layer circulation and turnover, drying layer by layer, uniform heat exchange and charging Points, high production efficiency, good product quality.
In the whole equipment, the hot air on-off and air volume, the speed of network belt operation, the temperature in the drying room and other states can be adjusted by the electric control system, achieving continuous production, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and saving labor cost.

Working Process

Featured Mesh Belt Dryer

Fresh fruits and vegetables have the characteristics of high water content, vigorous postnatal respiration and metabolism, and extremely easy to decay. The fruit and vegetable drying equipment is an effective way to adjust supply and demand, digest seasonal surplus, and reduce postnatal decay loss.
We have various types and structural types of drying equipment to meet the drying requirements of different flowers without damaging their material structure.
The shouchuang drying equipment is a perfect presentation of the spice drying processing line, allowing spices to play a greater role.

The Advantages of Mesh Belt Machine

  • 01
    For the whole processing line just need 1-2 people to operate.
  • 02
    50 years drying experience
  • 03
    According to the characteristics of capsicum, different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.
  • 04
    More drying output, fast drying speed, high dry product efficacy, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, good dry product color.
  • 05
    Self owned patent technology dryer equipment, ​​​​​​​
  • 06
    Stainless steel material and food grade conveyor to ensure the product reach hygienic standard.

Mesh Belt Dryer Video

The star anise dryer is designed according to the star anise variety and the drying curve required by the processing technology.
Hot pepper dryer realizes high drying rate, short drying period, small deformation and consistent surface color of hot pepper.
Three dimensional display equipment structure of pepper dryer.
The processing flow of konjac is: fresh konjac - cleaning - slicing - lifting input - drying - discharging - packaging

How to choose the suitable mesh belt dryer?

Whatever types mesh belt dryer you need, please request a quote from us or contact us at any time to learn more about our products and services.


  • Q How about the after-sale services ?

    About after-sale services we promise to repair for free if our products have any quality issues in 1 year.
  • Q What competitive advantages do you have in the same industry?

    A At present , for drying equipment , we have the latest intelligent object system to support remote control equipment , which can effectively control temperature , humidity , machine speed . In the future , we will further optimize the equipment to sensing , video acquisition, automatic alarm , production , adjustment of drying mode and other functions.
  • Q What products are your equipment suitable for ?

    We are a professional dryer manufacturer more than 47 years of experiences. We can provide you high quality dryer equipment for grain , vegetables , fruit , condiment, sea food , alfalfa grass , seeds , medicinal materials etc.
  • Q Do you have a complete set of related equipment?

    A Yes, We have. Such as chili drying we have relevant equipment include chili Cleaning machine, bleaching soup machine, drilling machine, cutting machine, grinding machine,automatic cloth machine, drying machine, conveying machine, color selection machine, sterilization machine, packaging machine etc.

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