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Beet root dryer in Pakistan

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Beet root dryer in Pakistan

The use of a beet root dryer is to enter the dryer for drying after the beet root is diced, and the dryer operates continuously without stopping. The daily drying capacity is over ten tons, which is based on the product design parameters provided by the user's processing requirements.

甜菜根甜菜根 (3)

Drying beetroot in the form of hot air ensures that it will not be contaminated during the drying process, which meets the processing requirements of food. The main components of the equipment are the drying room, control system, and heat source system. The size of the device can be designed according to different users.

Nanchong ShouchuangTechnology has been established since 2002 and has successfully provided users with agricultural product drying solutions and drying equipment. Currently, it has exported to 32 countries and continues to increase. I believe that Nanchong Shouchuang technology will definitely provide users with satisfactory drying solutions.


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