Large fruit and vegetable drying equipment

The large-scale fruit and vegetable drying equipment is a hot air drying equipment developed according to the requirements of environmental protection and the principle of fruit and vegetable drying. It can adjust the network speed, temperature and humidity according to the production needs to meet

Pepper drying production line of Shouchuang Technology

The pepper drying production line is a complete processing line, which mainly includes the feeding end of the front end of the pepper, the main part of the drying room, the discharging end, the control cabinet, the heat source (hot blast stove), etc. If other treatments are needed, they can be added

Flower Dryer

Flower dryerThe flower dryer is a large-scale drying equipment designed to dry flowers. The mesh belt flower dryer can dry roses, chrysanthemums, honeysuckle and other flowers. The internal design of different flowers will be different.Honeysuckle is a kind of flower that dries faster, and its desig

Chinese herbal medicine dryer equipment manufacturer

Chinese herbal medicine dryer equipment manufacturerNanchong, a manufacturer of traditional Chinese medicine dryer equipment in Sichuan, pioneered technology, which was founded in 2002 and has been tested for 20 years. Over the years, it has had experience in the development and production of drying

Clove Dryer Machine to Indonesia

30 clove dryers sent to IndonesiaThis wholesale of 30 clove dryers to Indonesia is a new design, not the previous spare parts factory, according to the 40 foot high cabinet design size. The installation process of drying is simplified, and the labor cost is saved at the same time.

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