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Shouchuang Technology's Chili Drying Machine in Rwanda

Our chili dryer is installed in Rwanda and is designed as a 6-layer mesh belt structure with a length of about 12 meters. It uses coal as the heat source and has low processing costs.

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Clover Drying Machine Equipment Sent To Peru

The clover dryer equipment is a highly automated mechanical equipment, with no pollution during the entire operation and less manual duty time.

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Chamomile Drying Equipment Sent To Ecuador

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology drying equipment is not only sold domestically, but the number of devices sold abroad is also gradually increasing. The drying materials vary in different countries, and this is a chamomile drying equipment sold to Ecuador. The overall design is mainly based on a multi

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Cassava Drying Equipment Installed in Barbados

Cassava is mainly distributed in tropical regions, consisting of three parts: tubers (fresh potatoes), stems, and leaves.

阿塞拜疆石榴籽 40吨 蒸汽.jpg
Pomegranate Seed Drying Equipment in Azerbaijan

We not only sell cocoon dryers in Azerbaijan, but also have customers who dry other products. The equipment in the picture is for drying pomegranate seeds, and its output has increased compared to the cocoon dryer.

尼日利亚姜片 30吨 燃煤.jpg
Ginger Slice Drying Equipment Used in Nigeria

Our ginger slice drying equipment installed in Nigeria has been put into use. The daily production capacity of the two devices can reach about 30 tons, which is customized according to the production requirements of the customer.

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