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Ginger Slice Drying Equipment Used in Nigeria

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Our ginger slice drying equipment installed in Nigeria has been put into use. The daily production capacity of the two devices can reach about 30 tons, which is customized according to the production requirements of the customer.

尼日利亚姜片 30吨 燃煤

This set of equipment includes cleaning, lifting, conveying, drying and other equipment components. The main heat source is coal. Reduce processing costs while maximizing processing efficiency.

Since the establishment of the Foreign Trade Division in 2019,the development strategy of Nanchong Shouchuang Technology has always been to expand the sales scale in overseas markets and increase marketing efforts in overseas markets. As of now, the company's products have been sold to 56 countries and regions, with a focus on Southeast Asia.

At present, the proportion of the company's overseas sales is relatively small, about 10%, but the overseas market business is still gradually developing. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen its overseas market development and continuously improve its brand competitiveness.

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