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Konjac dryer in Indonesia

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In May, our engineers visited Indonesian clients and visited their sites to visit their usage and provide reasonable suggestions.


Indonesia is a country with a relatively large proportion of our exported equipment. In order to provide users with a better user experience, Nanchong Shouchuang Technology visited Indonesian customers in May this year to provide better usage suggestions.

Indonesia not only has our konjac drying equipment, but also many spice drying equipment. In the past three years, our company has exported nearly 50 drying equipment to Indonesia, all of which are large-scale drying equipment in the form of multi-layer mesh belts. Especially the konjac drying machine equipment, which can produce up to 60 tons of fresh konjac per day.


The company assists in industrial optimization and helps customers optimize operations through advanced technology, software, equipment, and services, ranging from micro machinery to large-scale complete processing systems. With continuously enhancing innovation capabilities, outstanding flexible customization capabilities, and perfect delivery capabilities, we have won the trust and cooperation of domestic and foreign customers, and our products are exported to 30 countries and regions around the world, such as the UK, Australia, and Belarus.

Our goal is to ensure that there are no products that are difficult to dry in the world.

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