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Konjak Mesh Belt Dryer


Konjak mesh belt dryer is a large-scale mesh belt drying equipment with a high degree of automation. The assembly line design can directly produce dry pieces of finished products, with white quality.

Konjak mesh belt dryer

Product features:

The design is reasonable, the assembly line design is adopted, and the drying treatment is reasonable

Visual display, using PLC touch screen control system, can visually see the temperature and humidity display in the drying room on the display screen, intuitive display, convenient regulation.

Konjak belt dryer

Generally speaking, konjak mesh belt dryer includes konjak washer, konjak slicer and konjak dryer, and the middle connection part will have conveying and lifting machines. Fresh konjak harvested from the field will be stained with soil. When it comes back, the bad konjak will be drilled first, then transported to the washing machine for cleaning, and then cleaned again.

konjak mesh belt dryer

Drying process

The cleaned fresh konjak will be sent to the bottom of konjak elevator through konjak conveyor, and then lifted to the slicer on the top of konjak dryer for slicing.

Konjak slicer is a device installed on the top of konjak dryer. The purpose of this design is that after slicing, it can directly enter the drying room and reduce the time of exposure in the air. Konjak chips can reduce the risk of oxidation.

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