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Fungus Drying Machine

The fungus drying machine is mainly composed of several parts

The fungus drying machine is mainly composed of several parts, which form a complete fungus drying production line, which can effectively save labor and shorten the drying time of fungi. 

fungus drying machine

This fungus drying machine adopts a mesh belt structure. The fungus automatically turn inside the dryer and go back and forth. The mushrooms can be dried better and evenly. When discharging, the fungus has been dried. It can be bagged directly.

The selection of heat sources is more diversified. Nanchong Shouchuang Technology has been committed to drying for decades, and has a strong product database to understand the drying process and requirements of a variety of agricultural products, food and medicinal materials. We are also committed to providing customers with better services to meet the needs of customers with different heat sources. At present, the matching heat sources include coal, steam, natural gas, biomass fuel, air energy, etc.

Shouchuang Technology

Shouchuang drying machine components

1.Heat exchange furnace.

2.Heat exchange furnace draft fan with chimney.

3.Fan (own brand fan).

4.Drying equipment system (Food grade stainless steel,drying temperature 30~160 degree centigrade).

5.Feeding conveyor.

6.Discharge conveyor.

7.Control panel.

8.Remote control temperature and humidity control system.

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