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Konjac Mesh Belt Dryer Machine


Konjac Mesh Belt Dryer Machine is mainly composed of air inlet unit, exhaust unit, circulating air unit, mesh belt, steam pipeline and condensate discharge pipeline system, dehumidification system, transmission mechanism, control system and other components.

Konjac Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

The frequency conversion of the mesh belt speed is adjustable, which ensures the residence time of konjak and the discharge quality;

The cleaning machine and slicer designed according to the characteristics of materials make the cleaning and slicing of konjak chips more time-saving and labor-saving. The slicer is placed on the top, so that the distribution after slicing is very uniform without affecting the material characteristics. The thickness of the material layer is convenient and adjustable, and the cloth is uniform in the longitudinal and transverse directions of the mesh belt;

Each controllable unit is set with different temperature zones.

The heater and circulating fan are set at the bottom of the belt conveyor, and quick opening doors are installed on both sides of the belt conveyor to facilitate cleaning and maintenance;

The reasonable inclined guide air plate is adopted to make the horizontal air distribution of the mesh belt uniform, the temperature difference is small, and the material cleaning is easier;

The belt conveyor adopts aluminum silicate for insulation, with good sealing, so that the working environment is good;

Schematic diagram of mesh belt dryer

The belt conveyor is divided into five sections and five units, making the utilization of energy consumption more reasonable and lower;

Other equipment

Other equipment


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