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Chili Dryer Machine of Shouchuang Technology


Characteristics of Shouchuang Technology Chili Dryer Machine 

chili dryer machine

1. It is efficient and energy-saving, with high utilization rate of heat energy. The operating cost is 1/3 of gas and fuel oil, and 1/4 of electricity, which is 30% less than that of coal;

2. Environmental protection and sanitation, no waste gas, waste water, waste heat emissions, no pollution to the environment; Hot air drying, no pollution to the baked goods, clean and sanitary;

3. Convenient and intelligent, digital display operation interface, program setting, accurate temperature control, integrated drying and dehumidification, eliminating a large number of manual operations and complicated steps;

4. It is convenient and safe, the machine room is separated, and the thermal insulation color steel baking room avoids the dangers of flammability, explosion and electric shock. It is more convenient for installation and demolition, covers less land, and can be installed indoors and outdoors;

5. It is impossible for traditional drying equipment to improve product quality, minimize the loss of color, character and shape of drying products, and greatly improve the added value of products

chili dryer machine


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