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Konjac Dryer Machine Supplier


Konjak chips are relatively common konjak processing methods. Traditional drying combined with natural drying is easily restricted by the weather. If there is any continuous wet weather, it will have a great impact on konjak chips. At the same time, the dehydration of konjak chips itself is not an easy thing. How to choose the appropriate drying and dehydration equipment is very important.

Konjac Dryer Machine Supplier

The conventional processing process of konjak is: fresh konjak - Cleaning - slicing - lifting input - drying - discharging - packaging. If you need to make konjak powder, you need to use konjak finishing equipment. Here is an introduction to the equipment needed for konjak rough processing, named Konjac Dryer Machine.

Konjak dryer can solve the problems of discoloration, deterioration, cracking, uneven moisture, pollution and so on in the drying process of dry materials, making the materials full in color, red in color and good in quality. The automatic drying equipment developed, produced and sold has good drying effect, and the taro chips are white and of high quality. In order to make the best use of the dryer, it mostly adopts the mesh belt structure, with a high degree of automation and the same floor area. The materials can reach the maximum coverage and reduce the baking cost.

Konjak dryer

Konjac Dryer Machine Supplier

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology konjac dryer equipment developed and produced by science and technology for many years. The model can handle several tons to dozens of tons of konjac a day, and can provide different solutions for different varieties of konjac. At the same time, it can be supplied from fresh konjak to refined powder packaging equipment, which can be optional or assembly line design.

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