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Multilayer Mesh Belt Dryer


The multi-layer mesh belt dryer is a large-scale mechanical equipment that uses hot air to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, medicinal materials and other products. Fruits, vegetables and medicinal materials lose a certain amount of water in different temperature regions in the mesh belt machine, and then come out to get dry products.

multi-layer mesh belt dryer

Why design multi-layer mesh belt dryer

The multi-layer mesh belt dryer is designed to meet the needs of users who need to dry large quantities of food, fruits and vegetables, and medicinal materials. Using the multi-layer mesh belt dryer can effectively save the site, increase the processing output, and have a high degree of automation. The turnover of materials in the drying process can make the drying materials more uniform.

 multi-layer mesh belt dryer

Multi layer mesh belt dryer delivery site

 发货 deliver goods

Customer use site of multi-layer mesh belt dryer

Customer use site


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