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Cinnamon Dryer


Cinnamon dryer is a continuous drying equipment for cinnamon, with high quality and efficiency. The traditional cinnamon drying method can no longer meet the requirements of cinnamon drying. Large quantities of cinnamon drying need cinnamon drying equipment for processing!

Cinnamon dryer

The price of cinnamon dryer is non-standard equipment, and there is no unified pricing in the market. The price is related to the heat pump power, equipment type, equipment material, manufacturer and other factors.

The price of cinnamon dryer equipment is about 1,000 dollars to several hundred thousand yuan for large models and about 100,000 dollars for small ones.

Cinnamon dryer

The heat source of large mushroom drying equipment can be customized. Natural gas, diesel, oil, electricity, coal or biomass can be used as effective heating systems. The overall drying cost of this equipment is low, and the economic benefits are significant. In recent years, it has been loved by a large number of users.

heat source

After Sales Service
The 24-hour after-sales service hotline supports fixed-point after-sales service and maintenance in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. The products enjoy free inspection, guidance and maintenance every two years for life.

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