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Full automatic konjac drying machine


Fully automatic konjac drying machinery and equipment can reduce manual operation, reduce processing costs, design reasonably, and layout according to local conditions. High degree of automation, assembly line design, PLC control, app remote attention dryer internal temperature, speed, etc.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology full-automatic konjac drying machine is a large-scale automatic equipment customized according to customer requirements. Under reasonable conditions, different product layouts are designed. The length of the dryer is from ten meters to thirty to forty meters, the number of mesh belt layers is from two to eight, and the heat sources are coal, natural gas, steam, fuel oil, etc.

Features of full-automatic konjac drying machinery

High degree of automation, reducing labor consumption. It is several tons to dozens of tons in a day. With the machine, it only takes 2-3 people to operate

Beautiful appearance, manual rock wool board, high fire protection level, and good thermal insulation effect

The equipment has good compatibility and can be used for drying various varieties of konjac, such as white konjac, yellow konjac, etc

Reasonably collocated, select appropriate equipment according to different processing requirements and design it into an assembly line


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