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Spice Drying Equipment


Spices are substances that can be smelled or tasted by the sense of smell. Spices can be divided into "natural flavor" and "synthetic flavor" according to the preparation method or raw materials. The spice drying machine we mentioned here mainly deals with natural spices, such as anise, ginger, cinnamon, etc. The drying process of the spice dryer is to enter the bleached or fresh spices into the dryer with the mesh belt, and the hot air enters the interior of the drying room through the air duct, forming different temperature areas, allowing the spices to enter the temperature areas at different temperatures and lose the corresponding water, so as to achieve the effect of drying the spices.

Spice Drying Equipment

1. For the whole processing line just need 1-2 people to operate.

2. 45 years drying experience and have many sucess working sites can visit.

3. It can be continuously produced in large quantities and keep the nutrition and color of the product to the maximum extent.

4. According to the characteristics of capsicum, different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.

5. More drying output, fast drying speed, high dry product efficacy, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, good dry product color.

6. Self owned patent technology dryer equipment, more than 50 national patent technologies, thousands of materials drying database.The unique air supply mode of the multi section pulse drying technology can prevent the damage of the material caused by the flooding drying.

7. Stainless steel material and food grade conveyor to ensure the product reach hygienic standard.

8. After the machine arrived and the seller will dispatch engineer to buyer's working sites help buyer install and adjust the drying machine until the machine achieve the best drying effect,then our engineer will back to our country.

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