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Mint Drying Equipment


The mint drying equipment has high efficiency in drying peppermint. Compared with the traditional drying method, it improves the drying efficiency and ensures the quality of dried products.

The mint drying equipment

Equipment structure

The equipment structure of the multi-layer belt type yam dryer is mainly composed of: heat source, heat supply fan (providing hot air to the drying box), mesh belt drying box, power distribution control cabinet, feeding conveying and discharging conveying.

working principle

The peppermint is evenly distributed over the mesh belt and conveyed to the upper layer of the main mesh belt of the drying box through the feeding conveyor and the homogenizing mechanism. The peppermint freely falls into the lower layer and turns over. Until it falls to the discharge conveyor through the air shutter. During the operation of the mesh belt, the rear heat source blows the wind into the main oven through the high-power hot air inlet, and brings the moisture of the mint to the top moisture outlet through the layer by layer mesh belt, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the mint.

Multi layer belt Mint dryer, circulation and turnover, efficient drying. If you want to improve the drying efficiency of yam and ensure the quality of mint after drying, it is necessary to choose a mint drying equipment.

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