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Konjac Mesh Belt Dryer


Konjac Mesh Belt Dryer dehydrates konjac chips by the principle of hot air drying. 

The market demand for konjac is large, the market is good, the planting efficiency is high, and the enthusiasm of the people to plant konjac is high. You can buy its processed products in the supermarket, such as konjac flour, konjac tofu, konjac flour, konjac bread, konjac silk and other foods. In the konjac production and processing industry, drying is an essential link.

Konjac dryer is a fast drying method for initial processing of konjac. The drying method is energy-saving and fast. It is not affected by the weather. Intelligent control saves manpower. The drying process stops naturally at the key starting point without manual protection, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

Advantages of konjac dryer:

1. Obvious energy-saving effect and high heat energy utilization rate

The water is discharged rapidly without heat loss. The closed drying dehumidification method does not need to release heat to the outside world, and the heat energy utilization rate is high.

2. Safety, environmental protection and stable performance

Water and electricity isolation leakage protection, early warning, high safety. It is powered by clean energy, does not burn, does not emit waste gas pollutants, does not pollute materials and the environment, and saves environmental testing of equipment such as coal-fired oil fired boilers.

3. Easy to operate and intelligent

Intelligent touch screen controller, one key setting, brings you a more convenient and simple operation experience. Automatic shutdown after power on, without manual attendance and intelligent management.

4. Powerful and versatile

The unit can realize the functions of drying, dehumidification, high-temperature dehumidification, constant temperature dehumidification, cold air drying, etc. It can set the drying curve according to different conditions, independently control the time, temperature and humidity, realize multiple uses of one machine, and meet the drying methods of different kinds of materials. It is widely used.

Structure of mesh belt dryer

Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a large-scale intelligent agricultural machinery equipment manufacturing enterprise. With the R&D and manufacturing of agricultural special products intelligent drying equipment, intelligent sericulture equipment, fans, air energy heat pumps and other core businesses, large-scale dryers can cover a variety of agricultural and sideline products, and are equipped with electric heating, natural gas, air energy and other heat sources to meet customer personalized customization needs.


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