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Cocoa Bean Drying Equipment


Cocoa bean drying equipment is one of the nut dryers. High quality drying equipment designed for the temperature and humidity required for the drying of cocoa beans. For users who need to dry large quantities of cocoa beans, the cocoa bean drying equipment solves the problem that cocoa beans are easy to deteriorate due to high humidity.

Cocoa bean drying equipment

The cocoa bean drying equipment uses the hot air generated by the hot air stove as the drying medium, and delivers the hot air to the dryer through the hot air distribution part to dry the cocoa beans. The processed materials are transported by multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt. The hot air flows through the mesh belt and its upper material layers from bottom to top. The hot air is turned over in a multi-layer cycle and dried layer by layer. The heat exchange and feeding points are uniform. The production efficiency is high and the product quality is good.

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In the whole equipment, the hot air switch and air volume, mesh belt running speed, drying room temperature and other states can be adjusted through the electric control system to achieve continuous production, greatly improving the work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and saving labor costs.

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