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Chili Drying Machine for Sale


Nanchong Shouchuang Technology is a professional seller of pepper dryer, a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, development and production of pepper dryer. We have been engaged in the research, development and production of pepper drying equipment for more than ten years, and have also served more than one hundred pepper drying users.

Chili Drying Machine

The working principle of the pepper dryer is that the fan blows the hot air heated by the hot air stove into the drying room to form different temperature sections. After passing through these temperature sections, the pepper loses water and gets dry pepper that is suitable for water. In this process, the fresh pepper has complete fruit shape, uniform drying and full color, which can maintain the original flavor and cellulose of the pepper.

Mesh belt drying machine for Chili parameters

Chili dryer features 1. Smooth operation, automatic inspection, and layered   temperature control.
2. No vibration, low noise and simple operation.
3. The bracts are evenly dried and the color is white.
4. The drying cycle is short, the drying cost is low, and the   production capacity is large.
5. High degree of automation, saving labor and effort.
Drying medium Dry hot air


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