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Shouchuang Technology's Chili Drying Machine in Rwanda

Our chili dryer is installed in Rwanda and is designed as a 6-layer mesh belt structure with a length of about 12 meters. It uses coal as the heat source and has low processing costs.

Why is the chili drying machine designed with a multi-layer mesh belt structure

Why is the chili drying equipment designed with a multi-layer mesh belt structureThe multi-layer mesh belt structure design of the mesh belt chili dryer can improve the unit area utilization rate of the site. Under the same area, the mesh belt structure of the chili dryer can dry more chili peppers.

What are the characteristics of a chili dryer machine?

The large mesh belt chili dryer machine is very suitable for large processing enterprises or agricultural cooperatives. Because of its huge output, high degree of automation, and good drying effect, it is loved by users, especially for drying various fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbs, chili peppe

The use and maintenance of chili dryer machine

Chili dryer machine has a relatively long running time, a large number of drying operations of equipment, in fact, with the car is the same, equipment after wear and tear will produce damage, so to protect the equipment can be more permanent operation, we need to do is to maintain the equipment; tod

The operation process of the chili dryer machine

Chili dryer machine is a commonly used mechanical equipment in the process of chili dehydration processing, know and understand the characteristics of chili dryer equipment and operation process, not only can help you choose the correct operation of chili drying equipment but also can improve the ch

How to buy a chili dryer machine?

Chili dryer machine as common drying equipment in the production and processing of chili pepper, many people in the process of buying and selling may find that spice dryer not only a variety, and the price of the equipment also varies greatly

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