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Why is the chili drying machine designed with a multi-layer mesh belt structure

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The multi-layer mesh belt structure design of the mesh belt chili drying machine can improve the unit area utilization rate of the site. Under the same area, the mesh belt structure of the chili dryer can dry more chili peppers. The more layers of internal mesh belts, the more area can be used for laying chili peppers, and the amount of chili processing will increase.


The design of the mesh belt structure is proposed to meet the production requirements of dried chili peppers in the market. Nowadays, the mesh belt structure is also widely used in the market. With the development of chili economy in recent years, the principle of mesh belt chili dryer has increased from a single machine with a daily output of a few tons to a production capacity of about 40 tons. The result of this design is that users have a certain amount of funding to reduce equipment procurement and chili processing costs. The mesh belt chili dryer not only has the advantage of increasing production, but also has the following other advantages.


The drying of a chili pepper inside a mesh belt structure dryer is a dynamic process, so the surface of the chili pepper in contact with hot air is more comprehensive, and the dried chili pepper dryer will be more uniform in shape and color.

Secondly, the front-end and back-end equipment that can be matched with chili peppers can be selected to form an assembly line, reducing the need for manual labor throughout the entire process.

Thirdly, it can reduce the use of labor. The traditional structure of drying and drying rooms still requires relatively more labor, which is relatively large. Therefore, the design of the mesh belt structure allows users to save a lot of labor costs, thereby increasing the profit of dried chili products in sales.


Nanchong Shouchuang Technology, as a professional manufacturer of agricultural product drying equipment, has sold chili drying machines for more than ten years. Over the years, we have accumulated a certain amount of contact with chili varieties and chili users. We have proposed different product solutions for different chili drying machine users, in order to meet their expectations and provide users with better quality chili drying products and a more satisfactory equipment service experience.

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