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Shouchuang Technology's Chili Drying Machine in Rwanda

Our chili dryer is installed in Rwanda and is designed as a 6-layer mesh belt structure with a length of about 12 meters. It uses coal as the heat source and has low processing costs.

What Are The Advantages of A Large Mesh Belt Ginger Slice Drying Machine?

With the development of agricultural technology, more and more agricultural products need to be dried to ensure their quality and taste. As a common seasoning, the drying process of ginger slices is also particularly important.In order to improve the drying efficiency of ginger slices and reduce ene

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Would It Be Better To Choose A Customized Peach Drying Machine?

Would it be better to choose a customized peach dryer?Peaches are a familiar fruit, but their storage period is not long, so it is necessary to find a reasonable way to handle them for easy storage. Drying is a relatively good method to solve the problem of peach storage.The traditional drying metho

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Large Scale Customized Drying Machine for Medicinal Herbs: Improving The Quality And Yield of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

A large-scale customized drying machine for medicinal herbs, as the name suggests, is a large-scale equipment that can dry and process traditional Chinese medicinal herbs. Not only can it dry a single medicinal herb, but it can also be dried according to the characteristics and needs of different Ch

Manufacturer of fruit residue drying machine

Manufacturer of fruit residue drying equipmentWhat are the main reasons why manufacturers of fruit residue drying equipment choose Nanchong Pioneer Technology? What are the advantages of Nanchong Pioneer Technology, a manufacturer of fruit residue drying equipment? What are the advantages of being a

Why is the chili drying machine designed with a multi-layer mesh belt structure

Why is the chili drying equipment designed with a multi-layer mesh belt structureThe multi-layer mesh belt structure design of the mesh belt chili dryer can improve the unit area utilization rate of the site. Under the same area, the mesh belt structure of the chili dryer can dry more chili peppers.

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