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Would It Be Better To Choose A Customized Peach Drying Machine?

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Peaches are a familiar fruit, but their storage period is not long, so it is necessary to find a reasonable way to handle them for easy storage. Drying is a relatively good method to solve the problem of peach storage.


The traditional drying method mainly relies on weather and manual operation, which is long and requires dedicated personnel to supervise. Sometimes, it even needs to be carried out in adverse weather, which is both time-consuming and laborious. The emergence of dryers has brought changes to the drying and storage of peaches. Its convenient installation, energy-saving and environmental sanitation, professional structural design, and intelligent control system make the drying process of peaches more convenient, fast, and guaranteed. Meanwhile, due to its clean energy characteristics, the drying process of peaches is more environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Peach drying equipment has the following advantages:

(1) High drying efficiency: Adopting a mesh belt design, the ginger slices can achieve uniform rolling and heating during the drying process, thereby improving the drying efficiency.

(2) High energy utilization rate: Through intelligent control system, the drying temperature and humidity can be adjusted according to actual needs, saving energy.

(3) Green hygiene: The device adopts a closed design, avoiding the pollution of dust and mosquitoes during the traditional drying process, while ensuring the hygiene quality of ginger slices.

(4) Easy to operate: The equipment is easy and convenient to operate, and workers only need to control a few buttons to complete the operation.

(5) Cost reduction: Compared with traditional drying methods, this equipment can reduce the investment of manpower and material resources, and lower production costs

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