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How to buy a chili dryer machine?

Chili dryer machine as common drying equipment in the production and processing of chili pepper, many people in the process of buying and selling may find that spice dryer not only a variety, and the price of the equipment also varies greatly

Fruits and vegetables drying machine equipment composition and characteristics

Fruit and vegetable dryer, as the name implies, is a machine for drying vegetables and fruits, using the principle of multi-layer utilization of hot air, suitable for a variety of Chinese herbs, dried fruits, vegetables and other flakes, blocks, strips, granular items of dehydration and drying.

Cocoon drying machine operation process

Cocoon drying, insiders know that its purpose is to prevent cocoon storage during the live pupae into the realm, the parasitic fly eggs left behind by the silkworm body out of maggots and pupae decay and damage the cocoon layer, but also make the cocoon layer after heat treatment to properly change

Benefits of the cocoon dryer machine

In order to prevent fresh cocoons from appearing with moths, mildew and maggots, the cocoons purchased at the cocoon station generally need to be pupated and dried in time, and the fresh cocoons are dried into suitable dry cocoons for silk reeling factories or other silks. Used by enterprises all ye

What are the characteristics of grain dryer machine

Grain dryer machine is a collective name for various drying equipment of grain dryer, and it can also be a grain dryer. How to use the dryer correctly in the working process can be learned from the following two aspects1. Product features of grain dryer machine2. Precautions during use Product featu

How dose continuous dryer machine work?

The unique structure and working principle of the disc continuous dryer machine determine that it has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, and a good operating environment. feature.There is no

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