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Manufacturer of Peel Drying Equipment

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Peel is a commonly used raw material for making orange peel, which is formed by the rapid dehydration process of freshly peeled oranges, oranges, and other skins. The fruit peel drying equipment is customized by professional manufacturers according to the drying requirements of the fruit peel. Why use peel drying equipment?


Fruit peels are generally used as medicine, and as medicinal materials, they need to have medicinal properties when used. Therefore, using drying equipment to dry the fruit peel can effectively ensure its medicinal properties.

The drying equipment can regulate temperature and humidity control, without being restricted by weather, effectively drying the dryness and color of my fruit peels

To save labor, for users, saving labor means saving money. Therefore, for large-scale processing of fruit peels, mechanization is necessary

Tailored to local conditions and flexible customization. Different users have different drying requirements, so customization can be made according to their needs

How to choose a manufacturer of fruit peel drying equipment?

1、 Manufacturer

It must be a manufacturer, as they provide certain guarantees for the user's experience and after-sales service

2、 Manufacturer strength

We need manufacturers with certain strength and a certain user base in the field of drying equipment

3、 Product experience

Manufacturers with successful experience in producing fruit peel drying equipment can provide better product support through on-site visits

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology is a professional manufacturer of agricultural product drying equipment, which has been producing agricultural product drying equipment for many years and has rich experience in agricultural product drying. Choosing Nanchong's pioneering technology fruit peel dryer is not wrong.


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