Manufacturer of Peel Drying Equipment

Peel is a commonly used raw material for making orange peel, which is formed by the rapid dehydration process of freshly peeled oranges, oranges, and other skins. The fruit peel drying equipment is customized by professional manufacturers according to the drying requirements of the fruit peel. Why u

Seasoning Drying And Processing Equipment

Seasoning drying and processing equipmentSeasoning processing equipment is divided into rough processing and fine processing. Nanchong Pioneer Technology mainly provides users with a series of equipment such as rough processing and drying. Seasonings are essential for cooking, and most of the season

Spice air drying equipment

Spice air drying equipmentSeasoning dryers generally use air energy as a heat source to provide drying heat. It is known that air energy heat pumps use the heat absorbed in the air to heat the areas that need to be heated, and the principle of seasoning air energy dryers is also the same. As a clean

Medicinal material drying equipment

Medicinal material drying equipmentNanchong's pioneering technology medicinal material drying equipment is designed according to the requirements of different medicinal materials. The requirements for medicinal material drying are different, and the selection of the designed medicinal material dryin

How to choose clove drying equipment?

How to choose clove drying equipment?The bud and fruit of clove can be used as food, medicine and spice. The herbs of the Ming Dynasty divided it into two kinds of medicines. Syringa is often used as a condiment for stews.The traditional "five spices" are composed of fennel, cumin, cinnamon, Chinese

Vegetable hot air drying equipment

Vegetable hot air drying equipmentAs the name suggests, the vegetable hot air drying equipment is a large-scale equipment that dehydrates vegetables using the principle of hot air drying. The principle is very simple, that is, hot air is distributed in different places in the drying room through the

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