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Medicinal material drying equipment

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Nanchong Shouchuang technology medicinal material drying equipment is designed according to the requirements of different medicinal materials. The requirements for medicinal material drying are different, and the selection of the designed medicinal material drying equipment is also different. There are two types of drying room and mesh belt structure. For the form of drying room, there are more types of suitable medicinal materials for drying, and the mesh belt structure is suitable for large-scale drying of medicinal materials that can be flipped and dried.


As shown in the figure, the form of the mesh belt structure and the drying room structure may differ. The main components of the mesh belt structure medicinal material drying machine are the feeding end, drying chamber, discharge end, control system, and heat source system. In the form of a drying room, it mainly consists of a heat source, a control part, and a cart. It is necessary for users to choose a device that suits them.

The advantages of Nanchong Shouchuang technology in designing medicinal material drying equipment include:

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology recommends suitable equipment models based on different types of medicinal herbs, such as drying rooms and mesh belt structures, whether small or large, multi-layer or single-layer.

The use of hot air drying does not cause any pollution during the drying process for medicinal materials, which is in line with the subsequent sales of medicinal materials.

The manufacturer sends directly, and customers can directly inspect the factory for procurement.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology is a manufacturer of drying machine equipment established in 2002. Over the years, it has grown from the original fruit and vegetable drying to a production service provider that can provide drying solutions for various materials such as medicinal herbs, food, feed, etc. There are not only many customers in China, but also an increasing number of customers abroad.


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