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Spice air drying equipment

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Spice air drying equipment

Spice dryers generally use air energy as a heat source to provide drying heat. It is known that air energy heat pumps use the heat absorbed in the air to heat the areas that need to be heated, and the principle of seasoning air energy dryers is also the same. As a clean energy source, Spice dryers generally choose an air energy heat pump as the drying heat source. The heat source heats the air and enters the drying room to dry the Spice with pure hot air. At the same time, the evaporated water will be discharged from the dryer through the dehumidification system.


What are the product characteristics of Spice dryers?

It can effectively shorten the drying time of Spice, and the operation mainly relying on natural drying has a long time. It is also easy to be affected by weather and natural temperature, but mechanical drying does not require this concern.

During the drying process, it is cleaner not only due to the use of dry hot air, but also to the reduction of dust entry after the drying room is closed, which reduces the dust in contact with seasoning.

Mechanization can effectively reduce manual operation space, from front-end cleaning to back-end packaging screening, which has greatly reduced the need for manual operation.

Can form a complete product line. As for packaging screening in the backend, manual speed is difficult to achieve mechanical accuracy and speed, thus increasing the packaging output of the product.

Of course, it is not necessarily necessary to use an air energy heat pump as a heat source. Steam, natural gas, etc. can also be used as a heat source to provide heat for the Spice dryer. 

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