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How to buy a chili dryer machine?

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Chili dryer machine as common drying equipment in the production and processing of chili pepper, many people in the process of buying and selling may find that spice dryer not only a variety, and the price of the equipment also varies greatly, sometimes the same kind of equipment price difference may be as high as tens of thousands or even more than 100,000, which leads to a lot of more important price and equipment quality customers do not know should buy chili dryer. The following details are on how to buy and sell a chili dryer.

Here is the content list:

l Equipment types

l Manufacturers

l Production area.

Equipment types

Currently commonly used chili dryer is mainly chili drying room and mesh belt chili dryer, the biggest difference between these two types of chili drying equipment is that the chili drying output is different, chili drying room belongs to small and medium-sized drying equipment, drying chili output generally ranges from a few hundred pounds to a few tons, while the mesh belt chili dryer belongs to large drying equipment, its chili drying output generally ranges from a few tons to a dozen tons. Because of the different drying methods and equipment structure of these two kinds of chili dryers, their price differences are also very big, like the price of small and medium output chili drying room generally ranges from 30,000 to 200,000, while the price of drying output of larger chili mesh belt dryer ranges from more than 100,000 to millions, so you can purchase chili drying equipment to determine a rough budget according to the output.


Different manufacturers may produce different equipment, here not only refers to different kinds of equipment but also includes the manufacturer's after-sales service is different, these conditions will have a certain impact on the price of pepper dryer; and even if the same model of pepper drying equipment, the same quality, the same performance, the same service, the price may also be very different because of the different types of manufacturers sales, for example, for manufacturers direct sales the price of pepper drying equipment will be lower than the price of the substitute sales-type pepper dryer manufacturers.

Production area.

Chili drying equipment production area on the price of equipment, mainly in prices, labor costs and produce raw materials, the level of consumption in different areas is different, there is also the number of manufacturers in different areas and the degree of competition is different. For prices and human costs are relatively low in the region, manufacturers for the production of equipment, the price of raw materials is also low, the required human and material input is relatively low, so that the production cost of equipment is low, so manufacturers sell chili dryer equipment prices will be more favorable, and conversely, the price of high prices in the region, the price of equipment will be relatively high. In addition, the degree of competition for chili drying machinery is different in different regions, the distribution of manufacturers is more concentrated in the region, the competition is greater, the price of equipment will also be higher, while the competitiveness of small areas, the production of equipment manufacturers are relatively small, the price of equipment will be relatively high.

These are some of the factors that affect the price of chili drying, you can ensure the chili budget and compare the price of equipment from different manufacturers based on the above factors in the process of buying a chili dryer.

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