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What are the characteristics of a chili dryer machine?

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The large mesh beltchili dryer machine is very suitable for large processing enterprises or agricultural cooperatives. Because of its huge output, high degree of automation, and good drying effect, it is loved by users, especially for drying various fruits and vegetables, Chinese herbs, chili peppers, and other materials. Now it has been put into use by a large number of customers and has a good reputation. The large mesh belt spice dryer has the characteristics of large output, fast efficiency, good effect, high degree of intelligence, fully automatic operation, good stability, clean and sanitary, wide application range, and so on. The following is the detailed introduction

Here is the content list:

l High output

l Fast efficiency.

l Good effect.

l The high degree of intelligence.

l Automatic operation.

l Good stability.

l Clean and hygienic.

l Wide range of applications.

chili dryer   chili dryer

High output

Spice dryer can be 24 hours continuous drying processing, daily processing output can reach tens of tons, suitable for centralized drying processing method.

Fast efficiency.

Cyclic turning and hot air penetration drying method makes the drying efficiency increase tens of times. Generally speaking, fresh food can be dried from feeding to discharging in 4~8 hours.

Good effect.

The seasoning dryer is specially designed for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other materials, which effectively ensures the nutrient content and value of raw materials.

The high degree of intelligence.

The clove dryer is equipped with an intelligent electronic control system and monitoring system, which can regulate and precisely control the temperature, humidity, and time.

Automatic operation.

Automatic feeding, automatic drying, and automatic discharging, saving a lot of labor costs and realizing industrialized processing mode.

Good stability.

Dryer low-speed operation mode, no wearing parts, safe and reliable.

Clean and hygienic.

No matter which heat source is used, you can use our patented heat source to displace the pure hot air. The internal part of the dryer in contact with the material is made of stainless steel to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the drying environment.

Wide range of applications.

For materials growing on the ground or drying directly in the sun, our mesh belt pepper dryer can be processed. For example, dehydrated vegetable processing, dried fruit drying, flower tea drying, herbal medicine drying, grain drying, nut and spice drying, food drying, meat drying, leaf drying, feed drying, etc.

Our company website is www.dryersc.com. If you want to know more, welcome to consult us. We can provide large drying equipment such as pepper dryer, spice dryer, onion dryer, ginger dryer, fruit dryer, coconut shell dryer, and so on. We are a dryer supplier focusing on comprehensive processing solutions for agricultural products, and a high-tech enterprise dedicated to helping customers solve the storage and collection problems of agricultural products, eliminate processing pollution, and maintain the quality of agricultural products. The company adheres to the concept of "environmental protection, energy-saving and safety" and insists on the enterprise spirit of "taking responsibility and pursuing excellence".

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