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The use and maintenance of chili dryer machine

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Chili dryer machine has a relatively long running time, a large number of drying operations of equipment, in fact, with the car is the same, equipment after wear and tear will produce damage, so to protect the equipment can be more permanent operation, we need to do is to maintain the equipment; today we also give you some maintenance skills of the chili dryer, I hope it can help you.

Here is the content list:

l The use of a chili dryer

l Maintenance of chili dryer

chilli dryer  chilli dryer machine

The use of a chili dryer

First of all

Carry out certain technical training for the operators so that they can have a detailed understanding of the operation principle, performance quality, and operation specification of the chili dryer. To ensure the normal operation of the dryer, certain maintenance tools, grease, accessories, etc. need to be available.


After operating for some time, the pepper drying equipment needs to be overhauled, and at the same time, the wearing parts of the equipment should be overhauled and replaced, and the bolts and nuts need to be carefully checked during the overhaul to prevent loosening.


When the operation is finished, stop feeding the chili drying equipment, then let the main machine continue to rotate until the remaining materials are dried out, then the motor of the main machine can be turned off, and after stopping the drying of materials, then the fan motor and analyzer motor can be turned off.

Maintenance of chili dryer

Annual maintenance

1. Check whether the fixed bolts of the machine base of the chili dryer are loose and consolidated; check the articulation tightness of the supporting taut spring and implement adjustment; 2. Check the grounding condition of the equipment and ensure it is reliable;

3. Check the control of the computer board, the wind wheel, the flexibility of the heat exchanger; send to the local technical supervision bureau to measure the appearance of the temperature table on the equipment.

Monthly protection and maintenance

1. Open the backbox cover of the chili dryer and clean the interior of the equipment with a soft cotton cloth; 2. Fill lubricating oil to the bearings and other moving parts to reduce conflict; 3. Check the belt tension and adjust the belt pulley;

4. Consolidate the parts that are easy to form loosening and falling after booming, including the electrical line, the rocking arm of the door, the pipe articulation, etc.

Daily protection and maintenance

1. Scrub the chili dryer equipment with a soft cotton cloth every day to keep the appearance neat.

2. Daily check the air source triplex before starting the machine, add lubricating oil when the oil level is lacking, and drain the stored water.

3. Clean up the lint in the dust collection box every day to ensure ventilation and make the equipment play the best drying role.

If you still want to know about the seasoning dryer as well as spice dryer, welcome to consult us.

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