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The operation process of the chili dryer machine

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Chili dryer machine is a commonly used mechanical equipment in the process of chili dehydration processing, know and understand the characteristics of chili dryer equipment and operation process, not only can help you choose the correct operation of chili drying equipment but also can improve the chili drying production efficiency and drying quality, the following is a specific introduction to the specific operation process of the chili dryer.

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l Chili dryer operation process.

l Chili mesh belt dryer operation process

chilli dryer machine  chilli dryer

Chili dryer operation process.

Everyone in the process of using the chili drying room, need to lay the chili evenly on the material tray rack, and then pushed into the drying room for drying, chili into the drying room, you need to set the corresponding drying parameters according to the drying requirements of chili, and in the specific drying with the process also need to make the corresponding drying parameters adjustment according to the actual situation. Because the drying room is box structure, and the internal hot air circulation system and automatic temperature control system, it can well control the temperature in the drying room, so the chili drying process in the specific drying process does not need to be turned, you can directly complete the chili drying. The chili dryer is drying one batch after the next batch, so its drying output is not too high.

Chili mesh belt dryer operation process

The mesh belt chili dryer is set with loading port, in the operation process, just pour the chili into the loading port, after setting the thickness of the material, the equalizing device of the chili mesh belt dryer equipment will automatically spread the chili evenly, and transport the chili to the inside of the drying box through the mesh belt, there are multiple layers of mesh belt inside the drying box (2-6 layers), the chili keeps moving forward with the mesh belt, after the first layer of drying is finished, it will automatically fall to the After the drying is finished, the chili pepper will be transported out from the outlet after the drying is completed. Because the mesh belt chili dryer can continuously and uninterruptedly dry large quantities of chili, so compared with the drying room chili dryer has a high drying production efficiency.

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