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Pistachio Drying Machine

Pistachio Drying Machine drying pistachio high efficiency and energy saving.

Pistachio Drying Machine drying pistachio high efficiency and energy saving. The use of air heat pump can provide heat and meet the hot air required for pistachio drying. The drying is simple and convenient.


The picture above is small Pistachio Drying Machine. 


Pistachio dryer product features

Easy drying
Simple process
Output can be customized
Materials can be selected

Active pulse air supply technology
The internal circulation technology
Multi section pulse drying technology
The system realizes active temperature control by layers and sections, active air supply control by a certain evaluation rate,
maximum preservation of material color, flavor and other inherent quality, and improvement of drying efficiency by 21%+.
The original small air supply and large cycle technology combined with temperature and humidity identification technology is
adopted to reduce the consumption of drying efficiency, and the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is improved by 27%+
The pulsating drying technology is implanted on the basis of dynamic and static combined drying, which solves the effects of skin
rupture, blistering, browning and long drying cycle on the finished products,and maximizes the quality of dry products.

Working principle of drying machine
The hot air circulation oven adopts the long shaft circulation fan with high temperature resistance. The forced hot air heated by the electric heating pipe or the steam heat exchanger circulates in the oven, which enhances the heat transfer, improves the water evaporation rate and shortens the drying time. The whole box adopts a fully enclosed structure, most of the hot air is circulated in the box, and the hot and humid air is reasonably discharged and fresh air is added, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. Under the effect of forced ventilation, the materials are dried evenly. The oven is equipped with an automatic temperature control system, with accurate temperature control.

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