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Peppermint Drying Equipment


Peppermint Drying Equipment is a drying equipment that can be customized in size. As a manufacturer, we can design solutions according to different user requirements and put them into production for later installation and debugging, allowing users to obtain mechanical equipment that meets their ideas and site as much as possible. What is more important for users to choose a device?


One is reasonable processing costs. At the beginning of designing mint dryer equipment for different heat sources in different places, heat sources were compared based on different heat sources, and a heat source that is convenient to use and relatively low in processing cost was calculated. For enterprises that use different heat sources for long-term processing, the long-term cost-effectiveness of the equipment will be more considered.

The second is the daily processing volume calculated based on planting area and yield per mu. The size of the equipment is fixed, so it is still important to plan the daily processing volume reasonably. The size of equipment varies greatly depending on the production volume, ranging from a few tons per day to tens of tons per day, and the price of equipment fluctuates greatly.


After Sales Service
The 24-hour after-sales service hotline supports fixed-point after-sales service and maintenance in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. The products enjoy free inspection, guidance and maintenance every two years for life.


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