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Red Dry Chilli Machine


A red dry chili machine, also known as a red chili drying machine or chili pepper dryer, is a specialized piece of equipment used in the food processing industry to dry red chili peppers. Drying chili peppers is a common practice to preserve them, reduce their moisture content, and enhance their shelf life. Dried chili peppers are widely used as spices or ingredients in various cuisines and food products.

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The red dry chili machine typically consists of the following components:

  1. Conveyor System: The machine is equipped with a conveyor belt or some form of conveyor system that carries the chili peppers through the drying process continuously.

  2. Drying Chamber: The drying chamber is an enclosed space where the chili peppers are exposed to controlled heat and airflow to remove moisture from them.

  3. Heating System: The heating system generates the required heat for the drying process. It can be powered by electricity, gas, or other fuel sources.

  4. Air Circulation System: An air circulation system ensures that hot air is evenly distributed within the drying chamber, promoting uniform drying of the chili peppers.

  5. Temperature and Humidity Control: The machine may have temperature and humidity control mechanisms to regulate the drying conditions, ensuring optimal drying without causing damage to the chili peppers.

  6. Exhaust System: An exhaust system is often included to remove the moisture-laden air from the drying chamber, maintaining a suitable drying environment.

The operation of the red dry chili machine involves feeding the fresh chili peppers onto the conveyor, which then carries them through the drying chamber. During this process, the hot air circulates around the peppers, causing the moisture to evaporate and leave the chili peppers dried.


Using a red dry chili machine offers several advantages:

  1. Efficiency: Continuous drying systems like these allow for large-scale processing, making it efficient for commercial production.

  2. Consistency: The controlled environment ensures consistent drying results, producing uniformly dried chili peppers.

  3. Preservation: Drying the chili peppers extends their shelf life, allowing them to be stored for longer periods without spoiling.

  4. Enhanced Flavor: Drying concentrates the flavors of the chili peppers, intensifying their taste and spiciness.

  5. Convenience: Dried chili peppers are easier to handle, package, and transport compared to fresh ones.

It's worth noting that the design and features of red dry chili machines can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific needs of the user. If you are interested in purchasing or using such a machine, it's essential to research different models, compare their specifications, and choose one that suits your requirements.

Why Choose Us ?
Excellent equipment is the foundation of enterprise development:
Using the professional air pipe nesting software of auto desk company, cooperating with the special tools of German tongkuai air pipe, American feimat generator, automatic plasma cutting, numerical control punch press and other hardware, it is easy to deal with various complex model structures.
50 years of drying experience, founded in 1972 in China;
60+ national patents and copyrights;
30000+ square meter factory area;
60+ exported to about 60 countries;
200+ managers,sales and technicians;
4+ manufacturing bases (in 2*Sichuan(panda hometown),1*Foshan,1*Guizhou province)
6000+ domestic and foreign customer cases ,including complete drying processing lines,involving fruits(wolfberry,jujube,avocado),vegetables(konjac, cassava,mushroom), seafood(stock, anchovy, squid),condiments(pepper, garlic,ginger), flowers(rose, honeysuckle), Chinese herbal materials and others;


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