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Sand Ginger Drying Machine


Sand Ginger Drying Machine has high drying efficiency and can quickly dehydrate the ginger to the required dryness. The purpose of hot-air drying the ginger is to avoid contamination and more in line with food safety.

Sand Ginger Drying Machine

Active pulse air supply technology
The internal circulation technology
Multi section pulse drying technology
The system realizes active temperature control by layers and sections, active air supply control by a certain evaluation rate,
maximum preservation of material color, flavor and other inherent quality, and improvement of drying efficiency by 21%+.
The original small air supply and large cycle technology combined with temperature and humidity identification technology is
adopted to reduce the consumption of drying efficiency, and the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is improved by 27%+
The pulsating drying technology is implanted on the basis of dynamic and static combined drying, which solves the effects of skin
rupture, blistering, browning and long drying cycle on the finished products,and maximizes the quality of dry products.

Fruit Pulp Pomace Drying Production Line
The mesh belt dryer with a daily treatment capacity of 100 tons of fruit residue is used for drying and recycling the fruit residue after juicing, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection, greatly improve the utilization rate of products, extend the industrial value, and improve the processing income of customers.

Support customers to send materials for drying experiment to provide customers with the best drying data.

Company Introduction
Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd is a service provider focusing on comprehensive processing solutions for agricultural products.It is a high-tech enterprise.It is committed to helping customers solve the problem of storage and collection of agricultural products,put an end to processing pollution and preserve the quality of agricultural products.


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