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Jasmin Flowers Drying Machine


Jasmin Flowers Drying Machine is a mechanical equipment that uses pure hot air for drying. 

During the drying process, Jasmin Flowers is dried through the temperature zone of different hot air circulation, and Jasmin Flowers will not directly contact the heat source, so the dried Jasmin Flowers is dry and free from pollution.


The water content of Jasmin Flowers is not large, so the drying speed is fast. The design of multi-layer mesh belt structure makes the drying output of Jasmin Flowers larger.

Product Description

ShouChuang Technology the multi-stage pulse air supply net belt drying system is a national patent technology with independent intellectual property rights. special air supply method is adopted to make the heating area of the material larger and more uniform, and better preserve the color, fragrance and taste of the inherent quality of the material.

The mesh belt material                                                                                          

According to the transportation distance and different modes of transportation, choose the nude, fixed packaging or hardcover to reduce the transportation cost and increase the customer experience, so as to better complete the transportation delivery.

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