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Orange Peel Drying Equipment


Orange peel is a kind of good Chinese herbal medicine, which has the functions of reasonable phlegm, stomach strengthening, dehumidification, and blood pressure lowering. The mature orange peel has medicinal value only after being dried in the sun or in the air, so that the volatile oil inside is reduced.

In order to speed up the drying of orange peel and achieve rapid dehydration, many users have already used orange peel drying equipment, which will greatly improve the drying effect of orange peel.

Orange Peel Drying Equipment

As shown in the above figure, it is a mesh belt drying equipment with large processing capacity designed by Nanchong's first science and technology for orange peel. Before orange juice is squeezed, the orange peel will be peeled off. In many cases, the value is unknown. Later, it was found that orange peel can be used for medicine without wasting money.

What is the working principle of orange peel drying equipment? The hot air multi-layer mesh belt dryer, first designed by Nanchong Shouchuang Technology, provides heat from heat sources (such as coal, steam, natural gas, biomass fuel, electric energy, etc.), and then blows hot air into the drying room through the fan after passing through the heat exchanger. Different air duct layouts are distributed at the bottom of different mesh belt layers in the drying room, so that the hot air blown out will form different temperature zone sections at a specific location. Orange peel enters the drying room with the mesh belt, comes out after water loss at a specific temperature zone, and then goes through a certain air cooling section for bagging.


What are the advantages of orange peel drying equipment?

The orange peel is dried by hot air circulation. It is not directly contacted by the heat source, so the orange peel will not touch the direct gas of the heat source during the drying process

With the increase of processing capacity, the processing requirements of orange peel are actually many. Therefore, the combustion capacity of fan and heat source is increased when designing this machine, and the processing capacity of a single machine can reach 100 tons

The configuration of the front end and back end can be configured according to the requirements of different sites, which is flexible.

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