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Mango Drying Machine for Sale

Mango Drying Machine for Sale

Mango Drying Machine for Sale

Mango drying Machine is a large-scale equipment suitable for food processing plants, which is used for the design of fruit mango pieces or mango slices. Mango dryer adopts the principle of hot air circulation. Mango is dehydrated through the designed circulating hot air in the drying room.

Mango Drying Machine

Drying process of mango drying machine

After the fresh mango is picked from the tree, the dust on the surface is cleaned by the cleaning machine, and then the mango is peeled and sliced or cut into pieces. The cut mango pieces or slices can be placed. The placed mango is pushed into the drying room. After the set circulating hot air, the moisture is slowly lost and reaches the required mango dryness.

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As a professional manufacturer of drying equipment for agricultural products, Nanchong Shouchuang Technology has grown into a comprehensive enterprise after years of development. It can be delivered perfectly from the front-end experiment of agricultural products to the later installation and commissioning. At the same time, the company takes the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent drying equipment for agricultural products, intelligent sericulture equipment, fans, air energy heat pumps, etc. as its core business, covering the fields of agricultural product processing, food processing, traditional Chinese medicine processing, Sericulture Silk, etc.

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