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Mango Dryer Machine

Mango Dryer Machine adopts a new drying method

Mango Dryer Machine adopts a new drying method,The dried mango has good color and taste.In the form of baking tray, mango slices, mango slices, apple slices and other fruit slices can be dried.

mango dryer machine

The dried fruit tastes sweet, and the drying quality should meet the requirements of dried fruit. Environmental protection and energy saving, small floor area, multiple applications and flexibility.

Product features

The heat preservation plate with good heat preservation effect is used as the material of the oven. Good heat preservation effect, reducing heat loss, energy saving and emission reduction.

The drying cost is low, and the local favorable heat source selection method is adopted, which greatly reduces the drying cost.

New Model 2021 Konjac Drying Oven Machine Best Seller Conveyor Drying Machine


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