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Cardamom Drying Machine


Cardamom drying machine is a kind of seasoning dryer, which is designed according to cardamom to meet the drying requirements of cardamom. The dried cardamom has good quality and color, which is attractive to the users.

Cardamom Drying Machine

The mesh belt type through flow dryer uses the hot air produced by the hot air stove / electric heating pipe as the drying medium, and transmits the hot air to the dryer through the hot air distribution parts to dry the materials. The processed materials are transported by the multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt, and the hot air flows through the mesh belt and the material layer on it from the bottom to the top, with multi-layer circulation and turnover, drying layer by layer, uniform heat exchange and charging Points, high production efficiency, good product quality.

In the whole equipment, the hot air on-off and air volume, the speed of network belt operation, the temperature in the drying room and other states can be adjusted by the electric control system, achieving continuous production, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and saving labor cost.

1. The whole processing line only needs 1-2 people to operate.

2. With many years of drying experience, there are many successful workplaces to visit.

3. It can be produced continuously in large quantities, maintaining the nutrition and color of the product.

4. According to the characteristics of cardamom, different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.

5. Large drying output, fast drying speed, high drying product efficiency, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, and good color of dried products.

6. Own patented technology drying equipment, more than 50 national patented technologies, and thousands of material drying databases.

7. Stainless steel materials and food grade conveyors ensure that the products meet the food hygiene standards.

8. After the arrival of the machine, the seller will send engineers to the buyer's work site to help the buyer install and adjust the dryer until the machine reaches a satisfactory drying effect, and then our engineers will return to China

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