what is the difference between the cold dryer and the dryer machine?

Both cold dryers and dryer machines are used to process compressed air compressors. The temperature of the compressed airdrops to the required temperature to meet the drying requirements. The functions of the two are the same, but they are also very different. The refrigeration dryer is the abbrevia

Solving the problem of the dryer machine

The dryer machine uses electricity, diesel power, wind power, combustible material power, etc. to generate power and uses ambient air to heat it, transport it to the surrounding area, and then reach an appropriate temperature for dehumidification. There will be some problems in the process of using

How to install and debug dryer machine correctly

The dryer machine is mainly used for drying materials with a certain humidity or particle size in departments such as mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industries. The dryer machine is widely used in industries such as tea, Chinese herbal medicine, corn, vegetables, fo

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How to learn vegetable dryer machine?

The vegetable dryer, also known as multi-layer flip-type fruit and vegetable dryer, is a piece of special equipment for dehydrating and drying fresh or seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is mainly composed of a hot air stove (with powerful fan), air duct, multi-layer flip-type fruit and vegetable dr

How to dry fresh cocoons? --Drying stage of Silkworm Cocoon Dryer Machine

Silkworm cocoon drying requires to kill pupae in time to prevent maggots, moths, steaming and mildew; reasonable drying technology is adopted to dry the pupa and protect the cocoon layer during the drying process of silkworm cocoons, taking into account the requirements of silk reeling and storage S

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