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what is the difference between the cold dryer and the dryer machine?

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Both cold dryers and dryer machines are used to process compressed air compressors. The temperature of the compressed airdrops to the required temperature to meet the drying requirements. The functions of the two are the same, but they are also very different. The refrigeration dryer is the abbreviation of the refrigeration dryer. The refrigeration dryer is a new type of technology, which belongs to the air source processing element in the pneumatic system. The dryer conveys the hot air to the dryer machine to dry the material through the hot air distribution component. So what is the difference between a cold dryer and a dryer machine?

1. The working principle is different

2. The difference in water removal effect

3. The difference in energy loss

4. The difference in gas loss

5. The difference in failure rate

The working principle is different:

The cold dryer is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, cooling the saturated compressed air from the upstream to a certain dew point temperature through heat exchange with the refrigerant, condensing a large amount of liquid water, and automatically draining it out of the machine after being separated by a gas-liquid separator. The suction dryer machine is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption. The saturated compressed air from the upstream is in contact with the desiccant under a certain pressure, and most of the water is absorbed in the desiccant, and the dry air enters the downstream to work. To achieve the purpose of deep drying.

The difference in water removal effect:

Because the cold dryer is restricted by its principle, if the temperature is too low, it will freeze, so its dew point temperature is usually 2~10℃. The dryer machine does not need to pass temperature changes, and the desiccant (alumina) can perform deep drying, so usually, the dew point temperature at the outlet can reach below -20°C, that is to say, deep drying can be achieved.

The difference in energy loss:

For refrigerated dryers, because the cooling can be achieved by compressing the refrigerant, the power of the power supply will be higher. And because the dryer machine only needs to control the valve through the electric control box, the electric power is usually only about tens of watts, which means that there will be no power loss.

The difference in gas loss:

Because the cold dryer achieves the purpose of removing water by changing the temperature, and the water is discharged from the machine through the automatic drain, there is no loss of air volume. However, the desiccant needs to be regenerated after the desiccant is saturated with water, so it needs about 12-15% of regeneration gas loss.

The difference in failure rate:

Because the refrigerant system and air system of the refrigerated dryer, including electrical parts, are relatively complicated, while the suction dryer only has valves that have the possibility of failure due to frequent actions, so under normal circumstances the failure rate of the suction dryer is lower than that of the refrigerated dryer.


In general, the dryer machine is superior to the freeze dryer in terms of stability and effectiveness. Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd is a veteran manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience. It is a dryer machine supplier dedicated to helping customers solve the problems of storage and collection of agricultural products, eliminate processing pollution, and maintain the quality of agricultural products.

Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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