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How to learn vegetable dryer machine?

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The vegetable dryer, also known as multi-layer flip-type fruit and vegetable dryer, is a piece of special equipment for dehydrating and drying fresh or seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is mainly composed of a hot air stove (with powerful fan), air duct, multi-layer flip-type fruit and vegetable dryer, temperature control box, etc. You can learn about vegetable dryers from the following perspectives

1. Working principle

2. Equipment characteristics

3. The common material drying process



Working principle

Use the pure hot air generated by the hot air stove, the temperature of the hot air is controllable at 50℃-160℃, the two drying and dehydration methods of heating drying and ventilation drying are adopted at the same time, strengthening the reasonable adjustment of the hot air ventilation, the multi-layer dryer machine oven cyclically flips, and drying layer by layer Dry, make full use of hot air, dry and dehydrate quickly, and run efficiently. Suitable for drying strips, flakes, granules, blocks and other items with low moisture content.


Equipment characteristics

It can be mass-produced continuously, and the nutrients and colors of the products are retained to the utmost extent.

According to the characteristics of vegetables, different technological processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.

The drying output is large, the drying speed is fast, the dry product has high efficacy, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, and the dry product has good color.

Realize precise temperature control in stages. The air supply temperature of each stage can be set independently according to the requirements and time setting of the drying material. Make sure that the berries are evenly dried, keep their color and rosy consistent, maintain their moderate skin folds and good taste.

According to the characteristics of berries, special feeding carts and feed plates are designed to avoid adhesion and breakage of berries and maintain the shape of berries

According to the drying process of different materials, different drying process parameters can be set to meet the high-quality drying of various materials


The common material drying process

Tomato drying process: washing, peeling or not peeling, slice thickness 5~7mm, sulfur fumigation for 20~30 minutes or treatment with sulfite. The drying temperature does not exceed 65"C, and it takes 20 to 26 hours to complete the drying.

Spinach drying process: select, remove old leaves and roots, wash, and spread the thickness a little longer, so as not to affect air circulation, the temperature can reach 75 to 80 tons, and it takes 3 to 5 hours to complete the drying

Edible fungus drying process: washing, selecting, grading and finishing, the initial temperature is 40~45'C, after 1.5~2 hours, the temperature is raised to 60~70"C, turning it over properly. It takes 6~8 hours to complete the drying.

Onion drying process: wash, remove external scales, cut into pieces with a thickness of 3~5 mm, load 4 kg/m², drying temperature 55~60'C, complete drying takes 6~8 hours


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