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Solving the problem of the dryer machine

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The dryer machine uses electricity, diesel power, wind power, combustible material power, etc. to generate power and uses ambient air to heat it, transport it to the surrounding area, and then reach an appropriate temperature for dehumidification. There will be some problems in the process of using the dryer machine, which can be prevented and solved through the following two aspects:

1. Operation and maintenance

2. Trouble shooting

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Operation and maintenance

The drying efficiency of the dryer machine largely depends on the quality of the combustion chamber. Therefore, during the operation of the dryer machine, special attention must be paid to the combustion chamber, blower, and dust removal equipment.

Ignite the stove one hour before starting the dryer machine, and check that all auxiliary equipment, including the various transmission parts of the dryer, the supporting parts, etc., should be fastened, normal, slippery, and reliable before driving.

(1) Before igniting the furnace, check the furnace, grate, feeding device, combustion chamber, slag in the furnace pit, furnace door, air duct, regulating valve, blower, dust collector, etc.

(2) Before turning on the dryer machine, check the fuel, tools, and transmission support devices to lubricate all bearings and friction surfaces.

(3) The steps to start the dryer are to start the dryer motor first, then start the wet material transportation equipment, and then start the dry material transportation equipment to form a continuous and uniform operation program.

During the operation of the dryer, the temperature of each part of the bearing should be checked frequently, the temperature should not exceed 50℃, the gear acoustic response should be stable, the transmission, support and cylinder rotation should have no obvious impact, vibration and transmission, and should be done frequently. The inspection, maintenance and maintenance of equipment shall include:

(1) All bolts and fasteners should not be loose.

(2) Always pay attention to the contact of the rolling ring, the retaining wheel, and the tug.

(3) The windshield and gear cover should not have fin cracks and frictional damage.

(4) All parts should be lubricated normally according to the table below.


Trouble shooting

(1) The moisture content of the dried material is greater than the specified value. The elimination method is to control the production capacity of the dryer and increase or decrease the heat supply.

(2) The rolling ring swings to the cylinder. The reason is that the concave joint side of the rolling ring is not clamped. The elimination method is to use a backing plate to keep the rolling ring and the concave joint evenly and properly clamped to prevent over-tightening. Prone to accidents.

(3) The meshing gap between the large gear and the small gear is damaged. The reason is: the tug wheel wear, the stop wheel wear, and the pinion gear wear are eliminated by turning or replacing according to the wear condition. It can also be installed on the reverse side or updated in pairs.

(4) The whole body vibrates, the reason is: the connection between the tug device and the base is damaged, the elimination method is to correct the fastening connection part to make it in the correct position;

The side wear of the rolling ring is eliminated by turning or replacing the rolling ring according to the degree of wear.


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