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How to install and debug dryer machine correctly

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The dryer machine is mainly used for drying materials with a certain humidity or particle size in departments such as mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industries. The dryer machine is widely used in industries such as tea, Chinese herbal medicine, corn, vegetables, food, sawdust briquette, and agricultural and animal husbandry engineering. Mainly used for conveying materials and other media, made of stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. The heated gas is introduced into the container mainly through a fan, and the drying effect has been achieved. The installation of the dryer machine should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the upper assembly drawing and the basic drawing. Before the installation of the dryer machine, its parts and auxiliary parts should be checked, wiped, and cleaned up.

Since the dryer machine is a piece of long-body large-scale equipment, it should be installed in this order and method:

1. Draw a basic line

2. Install the base and the tug

3. Install the cylinder and the rolling ring

4. Install the big gear

5. Install pinion, reducer, motor


Draw a basic line

Correctly make cross lines, elevation lines, and center mark embedding on the foundation target plate to achieve convenience and accuracy, and take into account that the base will not be covered after installation.


Install the base and the tug

Shovel the position of the shim, draw the centerline of the base and the tug, according to the requirements of the drawing, find the installation position of the base and the tug, level and lay it, first grouting the foundation hole, and when the concrete reaches a certain strength, tighten the anchor bolts. After passing the recheck, install the cylinder.


Install the cylinder and the rolling ring

Install the rolling ring on the cylinder first. The concave joints required for fixing should be arranged in a positive and negative staggered configuration, and the thickness of the shim should be adjusted so that the contact between the rolling ring and the concave joint maintains a corresponding gap. Spot welding concave joint bolt head and cylinder body.


Install the big gear

Before installation, check that there should be no collision marks on the interface of the mating surface. Clean the contact surface of the gear wheel and the cylinder body. Then carefully align the two gear halves and tighten the interface bolts to install the gear wheel on the cylinder body. Rotate the cylinder to check the radial runout and lateral swing of the big gear until the calibration is qualified.


Install pinion, reducer, motor

According to the big gear that has been installed, adjust the meshing parameters of the big and small gears and meet the requirements of the equipment, and fix the position of the small gear and the reducer motor. Install the gear cover so that it is symmetrical with the edge of the gear.


After all the above-mentioned work is done, second grouting is carried out, and the requirements for grouting shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of civil engineering design. The installation review and debugging work related to grouting are carried out simultaneously to ensure the installation quality of the dryer machine .


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