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Pistachio Drying Equipment

Pistachio drying equipment is a large equipment for drying pistachio.

Pistachio drying equipment is a large equipment for drying pistachio. Pistachio drying equipment is mainly composed of feeding end, drying chamber body, discharge end, control system, heat source system, etc.

Mesh belt dryer

Why choose a pistachio drying equipment?

When your output continues to grow, but it takes too much time and place to deal with it, you need to use a pistachio drying equipment to solve this problem.

Mesh belt pistachio drying equipment

Mr. lixueqi, the founder of Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang technology development Co., Ltd., has started the development of hot air circulation cocoon drying machine since 1972. After more than 40 years of steady development and precipitation, the company has grown into one of the large-scale intelligent agricultural machinery equipment manufacturers in China. The core business of the company is the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent drying equipment for agricultural products, intelligent sericulture equipment, fans, air energy heat pumps, etc., covering agricultural product processing, food processing Traditional Chinese medicine processing, sericulture, silk and other fields.

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