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Avocado Drying Equipment


Avocado drying equipment is a large-scale equipment specially designed for avocado. The whole equipment adopts the form of multi-layer mesh belt. The front end is equipped with a stainless steel avocado slicer, and then the avocado slices are sent to the drying room by the conveyor.

mesh belt dryer

The main purpose of dried avocado tablets is to extract oil. Therefore, some users will choose to configure drying equipment before oil extraction. In this way, dried dried avocado tablets can effectively improve the quality of oil extraction and improve the value of avocado products.

Schematic diagram of hot air circulation

Nanchong Shouchuang technology is a professional manufacturer of large-scale fruit dryer equipment. For the drying of avocado, a professional equipment suitable for avocado drying is designed. Under the design of mesh belt dryer, the drying time of avocado is shortened and the water loss is accelerated.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology

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Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. As early as 1997, Nanchong silkworm Tools Co., Ltd. was established. It is a professional manufacturer of large-scale drying equipment solutions developed from the cocoon drying machine of silkworm Tools Co., Ltd. Over the years of development, Nanchong's Shouchuang technology has gone from the initial development and production of cocoon drying machine to the drying of fruits and vegetables, agricultural products, feeds, medicinal materials and other materials.

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