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Pepper Drying Equipment


The pepper drying equipment meets the dehydration requirements of a large number of fresh peppers, effectively shortens the drying time of fresh peppers, and solves the problem of accumulation and deterioration caused by a large number of peppers maturing at the same time.

pepper drying equipment

Nanchong Shouchuang technology has successfully developed and sold several pepper drying equipment, and more than 100 pepper drying equipment have been successfully operated. There is a lot of experience in the research, design and production of pepper drying equipment. At the same time, drying experiments have been carried out on several varieties of pepper and they have been successfully put into production.

Heat pump pepper drying equipment

Characteristics of Nanchong Shouchuang Technology's pepper drying equipment

Many types of equipment
It can be customized according to different pepper varieties, product requirements, heat source selection and site requirements

More intelligent control
The current control system is not only simple to control, but also can remotely watch the situation in the drying room

More energy efficient
The selection of multiple heat sources can meet the selection requirements of different heat sources in different regions. According to the price of heat sources in different regions, more suitable heat sources can be configured to reduce energy consumption and save processing costs.

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